Full name

Jeffrey David Berry


Employment as a Game Designer or 3D artist for game development.
School: Game Art and Design at The Art Institute of San Diego

Work Experience:
Sony Online Entertainment
Quality Assurance Analyst
Working at SOE really got the ball rolling for me. It was my first look “behind the curtain” of game development. If I could stay passionate about gaming after months of 60 hour work weeks and grueling nights of repetitive QA testing, I knew this was the field for me.
One of the top testers on the title “Untold Legends 3: Dark Kingdom”, I was kept on the team to continue testing Everquest. I greatly thank SOE for getting my foot in the door, but after nearly a year of QA, I wanted to do more that just check what was being put into the game, and get my hands on the actual development.
Now that I'm doing game art and design I haven't looked back. I thoroughly enjoy tweaking damage and skill systems, polygons and textures. The field is constantly evolving and changing, always new stuff to do. Pushing the envelope is exciting and fun! I pride myself on my turn around times as much as I do the quality of my work.

Any time, very flexible with location and schedule.

Technical skills:
UDK (advanced materials and kismet work as well as Environment creation)
3d Software packages: Very at home using max but if needed to switch to Maya. I am familiar with the basics and could be up to snuff in no time.

Level Design: My first attempt at level design earned me an honoreable mention in the make something unreal contest, the map was called RamPaGe. It had radically altered gameplay featuring RPG elements in an FPS as well as a very dynamic/ animated level with easy to use platforms and sprawling open windswept hills.
2d concept/ texturing: As with Max, I consider myself very efficient with photoshop. I can churn out textures and concept very quickly while still maintaining a high standard. All the 2d work displayed in my portfolio took less than a day to create save the female character. Most pieces displayed took only a couple hours.

Emer Tanciatco Instructor and Technical Artist
(SCEA) emer@cox.net