This matte painting was done at a later date and isn't directly related to "The Prince Who Feared Nothing" project.

"The Princess" was the first and most involved piece I worked on for this project. She set the tone of organic cyborg for the rest of the project.

As "The Prince Who Feared Nothing", this guy had to look pretty hard.

This concept piece was created for the 5th annual Dominance War Pre Comp. The concept was to reflect an MMO set in a post apocalyptic future with "War General" and "Shadow" character classes. The lumbering oaf in the middle is an NPC.

Concept Art

This was a concept Project I did centering around a fairy tale involving lions, giants, and princess, oh my! The story was standard fair, but our teacher left the door open for fantastical reinvention of the characters. I decided on a very sci-fi direction, figured it was more suitable for a game art major.

As you can see by some of my initial concepts, I was at first leaning towards a slightly realistic '‘Disney’' styling.

Dominance War
2D Concept Art