This scene earned top 15 in the world-wide competition "The Unearthly Challenge" in a 3 month period between me and fellow student Erich Beckmann. I created the environment and pirate ships, anchors, sky and effects, while he created the buildings and ally ship seen in the foreground. Implementation into the Unreal engine, texture tweeking, decals, and composition were done by myself.

This character was modeled and textured from my buddy Glenn's concept for the Sony Online Entertainment mentorship program and was made to fit into the Everquest II style.

My most recent project. Adapted from my prior concept, the sorceress is being implemented into the starcraft 2 engine and i will soon have her fully rigged and animated for use in starcraft 2 mods.

3D Projects

These are Various 3D works done over the past year and are not necessarily intended to aesthetically fit together.

Unearthly Challenge (Top 15)
Modeling, texturing, 3D Art